Eastern Magic Kennel

Professional Handler

Matthew Fan
6 Group Jinding Zhuhai Guangdong,China
Cell (086)13924700139
Email cn9999@cn9999.net

Schedule of Fees

Handling Fee
( Depends on how long we special the dog and what kind of breed)
1500RMB- 2500RMB Per Show

Specialty shows
2500RMB Per Show

Group & Best in Show Fees(Per Show)
BISS---3000 RMB
BIS 1---3000 RMB
BIS2---2500 RMB
BIS 3---2000 RMB
BIS 4---1500 RMB

BIG 1---1000RMB
BIG 2---800RMB
BIG 3---700RMB
BIG 4---600RMB
BOB---500 RMB

Board (per day)
100 RMB

Board (Per Month)
2500 RMB