Eastern Magic Kennel

Shun De Dog Show at 29th-31th Aug

First show after the hot Summer, very glad that "Hysun" Eastern Magic Hysun Square,
finished his International champion.
He won a BIS, Group second x 2 in May and another Group first plus 3 times group3 on last weekend.
This Golden Gentlemen less than 2 years old,
is out of the Reserve winner in the National, West Minister BOS, BIS, Am Ch Eastern Magic Sicilian Girl ( CiCi) and Eastern Magic Treasure Island.

Eastern Magic Lok Lok got back to back Best Puppy In Show 2 .
Thanks judge Mr Wolfgang Schnitzer and Mrs Ladawan Chothithada .
This is his number 8 Best in Show title. Thanks the owner Mr.Arnold support our team.

Eastern Magic Tommy first time went out the kennel.
He GOT back to back Baby BIS3 this time!
Congrats to the Owner Mr.Berry!

The one of Best Chow Chow National Specialty in the World¡ª¡ªANICC2014

I deeply thank you from my heart for the invitation to judge at Italy National Specialty,
I cannot use words to express what an honor it is to be judging with so many beautiful chows,
and meet with top breeders and exhibitors in Europe.
I have really good days in Volta Mantovana with my Co-Judge Mrs. Kathleen Ridding.
I am very pleased with some young dogs which means they are the future of the breed.
Of course there were some outstanding adults which let me have very hard decisions.
As a breeder, I would like to bring several of them back home,
a breeder always has his/her mindset about their breed type,
it is so hard for me to put off a dog that I really like. As a judge,
I have to consider The Breed Type, Soundness, Style, Showmanship and the conditions.
Overall balance should be my pick in a large show.

Besides, it will be wonderful if the club show can be more global for all the chow lovers in the world!

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