Eastern Magic Kennel

Jinhua CKU All Breed Championship,2019

In the all-dog championship exhibition held in Jinhua, the original three-day competition was shortened to two days due to some force majeure factors, which also changed the original only two matches on the first day into four matches. This is not only a test for Handler, but also a test for participating dogs. As the first time that Eastern Magic Canine entered the competition, Tein Tein was not affected by the increase in the number of matches. He successively won four major prizes, namely BIS1, BIS2, BIS3 and BIG2.

Xi 'an Eugenic Breeding Exhibition,2019

Eastern Magic-Greenwich, who has won numerous awards abroad, took part in the competition in China for the first time. In the two-day competition schedule, he won two BIS1 and one BIS2 results, and over fulfilled the champion login in only two days.

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