Eastern Magic Kennel


As we looked back to 2019, Eastern Magic's outstanding achievements at the dogshow world is nothing short of amazement. Limited showings yet bringing home the major ribbons, that's what our dogs have achieved.

With all winning Best in Show placements before, we will start our introduction with Danny the chow chow.

Danny was the 2017 and 2018 number one chow, number one non-sporting of the year in Hong Kong. Limited showing in 2019, he won the Award of Merit at the Westminster show in US, one of the most prestige show in the world. He was then flew back to China, finishing his China Championship within teo show weekends. Danny continue his strike, winning the breed at the World Dogshow Shanghai with style.

Space Coast Kennel Club of Plam Bay Dog ShowŁ¬2019

In the US National Exhibition held some time ago,Eastern-Magic Cipher won one BOB, two Select Dog and one Best of Bred-by Exhibitor in a four-day competition. This proud achievement can't help but make foreign friends lament the strength of China's native dog breeds.
Before that, at the end of October,Eastern-Magic Cipher also won two Best of Winners1 and One Best of Breed in the US competition. It took only two days to finish the US login champion..

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